Ladies Watches

Waistlines started out high and by 1915 were below the natural waist.[46] By 1920, waistlines were at hip-level.[46] Between 1910 and 1920 necklines were lower and dresses could be short-sleeved or sleeveless.[50] Women who worked during World War I preferred shorter dresses, which eventually became the dominant style overall.[24] In addition to the shorter dresses, waistlines were looser and the dominant colors were black, white and gray.[51]
By 1920, the "new woman" was a trend that saw lighter fabrics and dresses that were easier to put on.[52] Younger women were also setting the trends that older women started to follow.[52] The dresses of the 1920s could be pulled over the head, were short and straight.[53] It was acceptable to wear sleeveless dresses during the day.[53] Flapper dresses were popular until end of the decade.[54]